Stay up to date on some of the latest happenings at Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity and enjoy plenty of content about ways to give back in your community and more!

Even a small gesture can have a huge influence on the people around you. To give a few ideas, here are easy things you can do to brighten someone’s day.

Mark Van De Walle has been volunteering with Greater Cleveland Habitat for almost 10 years and still loves the camaraderie among his fellow volunteers.

There’s no doubt about it: If you want to live a more knowledgeable, cultural and altruistic lifestyle, then learning another language has big benefits in store.

We are extremely grateful for the fantastic work by our partners at the Construction Employers Association (CEA), who oversaw construction of our 83rd home in Cleveland's Greater Buckeye neighborhood with an all-union labor force.

If you strive to live a good life in all areas, journaling might be the next step to consider. Take a look at simple ways journaling can improve your life.

This March, celebrate National Women’s History Month by learning more and giving back. See how you can get involved, live altruistically and make a difference in the lives of girls and women around you.

Living a full and altruistic life is about more than just doing your best. It’s about sharing your best with others around you and connecting with them through our inherent need to tell stories.

Even if you care about a cause, how can you ensure you’re a good fit for the position? Here are some ideas to help you find the right fit for volunteering.

Robert, aka “Darrell,” has a particularly useful set of skills for a volunteer. He’s an electrician by trade who enjoys woodworking and stamps in his spare time. His electrical and woodworking knowledge come in handy most often on build sites.

Valentine’s Day can be much more than a holiday to spoil your loved ones. This February 14th, consider spreading the love in altruistic ways. Check out these tips to make your Valentine’s Day one to remember.