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By completing the form below, you are submitting an application eligibility form for homeownership through Habitat for Humanity. Please be sure to fill out all required fields. Once you submit your form, our team will review your information, then follow-up with you to determine the next step in the process.


Household Income consists of wages, salaries, tips, income from self-employment, social security payments, SSI, SSD, child support and alimony.

Greater Cleveland Habitat does not count food stamps, OWF, or WEP as income sources.


I have a need for safe and affordable housing
I am willing to live where Habitat is working
I am willing to complete 200 or more Sweat Equity volunteer hours and homeownership classes
I currently live or work in Cuyahoga or Lorain County
I am able to make on-time payments on an affordable mortgage
Are you or someone in your household currently serving in the military or a veteran? (Not required)
Do you have a steady source of income?
(see chart at top of page)
Have you lived or worked in Cuyahoga or Lorain County for at least 12 months?
Have you owned a home in the past three years?
Have you had a foreclosure or declared bankruptcy in the past 3 years?
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