Review and Program Approval 

  1. Family Selection Committee reviews applicants who make it through the prescreening application process and makes recommendations.
  2. Family Selection Committee completes a home visit and interview then reviews and recommends applicants for next step.
  3. Finance Committee reviews and recommends candidates for next step.
  4. Board of Directors review and make decision on applicants to be offered opportunity to become Future Habitat homeowners.
  5. Notify applicants via mail on decision.
  6. If the applicants decide to accept, an Agreement is signed and “Sweat Equity” can begin.

What Is Sweat Equity? How Do I Complete It?

Sweat equity is the term we use to describe the time a homebuyer volunteers. Each Greater Cleveland Habitat homebuyer is required to complete at least 200 sweat-equity hours prior to moving into their home.

  • All sweat equity must be properly recorded and submitted to the Homeownership Department.
  • 50 hours must be completed before an approved applicant will be shown properties.
  • Help rehab a Cleveland Habitat house (minimum of 100 hours).
  • The remaining hours can be completed at an approved Habitat worksite (i.e. ReStore, construction, event, etc.) with family, friends and other Habitat Homeowners.
  • Work in a Habitat ReStore or donation dock for scheduled shifts.
  • Attend a neighborhood meeting.
  • All Habitat homeowner education courses must also be completed during this time.
  • City of Cleveland
    City of Cleveland
  • Rocket
  • Land Bank
    Land Bank
  • City Mission
    City Mission
  • CEA
  • Reinberger
  • Wells Fargo
    Wells Fargo