Volunteer Spotlight: Bob and Lois Minut

Volunteer Spotlight: Bob and Lois Minut with Habitat for Humanity, Greater Cleveland

Bob and Lois Minut both have been volunteering with Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity for over 30 years. 

The Minuts were there for the very first Walk/Run/Mosey fundraiser at the Ohio and Erie Canal reservation 22 years ago, and they were there at last year’s Walk handing out donuts at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. 

What keeps them coming back year after year is their love for all the people they get to work with and their love of the feeling of helping to do the right thing for others.  

Their greatest inspiration for volunteering came from John and Mary Evans, who were integral in starting the Walk and have been steadfast supports of Greater Cleveland Habitat’s mission for decades.

Through volunteering, Bob has learned plumbing and various construction jobs. Lois enjoys helping with the various jobs entailed with putting on the Walk every year. She also enjoys organizing and cooking lunches for volunteers with another fellow volunteer, Beverly Hughes.

In her spare time, Lois loves reading and working at her church. Bob is a handyman who enjoys lending a hand in maintaining their church property and also loves working in the couple’s yard. 

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