Cleveland Habitat community comes together and absolutely crushes 2021 Walk/Run/Mosey fundraising goal

We want to send out a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the 2021 Walk/Run/Mosey, presented by Enza Financial.

You walked. You ran. You moseyed. You were cheerleaders. You made donations. And together, we raised $140,000 to build a new home on Hulda Avenue to help change the life of a Cleveland family!

Thank you to all the participants, donors and sponsors. Every penny, step and act of encouragement makes the mission possible.

Mark your calendars now because we have a date for next year's event. The 2022 Walk/Run/Mosey will be held Saturday, July 30, 2022

Check out a few of our favorite moments from this year's Walk/Run/Mosey

Additional videos from this year's event

Why participating in the Walk/Run/Mosey matters

Week 1 Recap: official kickoff event brings together neighbors, volunteers and friends

Week 2 Recap: support pours in from all around Cleveland

Week 3 highlights: finishing strong in the last week


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Have a question about sponsorship opportunities for the 2022 Walk/Run/Mosey? Contact Kim at or 1-216-325-5578.