Update Regarding COVID-19

ReStore shoppers and donors:

  • ReStore locations in Cleveland and North Randall are re-open as of May 19, 2020 at 10am.
  • Donation pick-ups are now being scheduled (for a list of changes to our donation process or to schedule a pick-up, go here).
  • ReStore is committed to following the guidelines for safe reopening and expects our staff and shoppers to do the same. Please note that all staff,volunteers, and shoppers are required to wear masks, which can be purchased if needed.
  • Our store inventories are bursting at the seams! Please come in and help support Cleveland Habitat's work to provide affordable homeownership.  
  • For additional information related to our re-opening, customer safety procedures, store hours and donation information visit www.clevelandrestore.org.

Habitat volunteers:

  • Regular, repeat ReStore and construction volunteers are being invited back in a phased-in approach.
  • Small groups of regular construction and ReStore volunteers have been approved to return.
  • Take steps to stay healthy—we have a busy build season ahead of us and we will need your help to build homes!

Habitat homeowners:

Faith Build update:

  • Fourteen Faith Partners will help build a home for a Cleveland family in 2020.
  • While all schedules are being adjusted, we hope to have volunteers start on this house beginning June 18th.
  • Building someone a home (a safe place to shelter) has never been so meaningful.
  • Thank you to Thrivent Financial for sponsoring 50% of 89 Habitat builds across the country in 2020 and thanks to all of the Cleveland Faith Partners who have helped make the Faith Build possible.

Home, Community, Hope + YOU:

  • We depend on donations for our mission. With the closing of ReStore operations for two months, we lost approximately $400,000. While we are utilizing special government funds, they are not be enough.
  • It is hard to ask for your financial support during a time of so many needs, and we certainly do not want to diminish support for them. If you want there to be a sustained focus on permanent, safe and affordable housing in Cleveland, we ask that you consider a special donation to Habitat.
  • Click here to give a gift online or see other ways to give. When you give, you will help us do more.

We still have a busy year ahead of us! Stay safe and healthy, rest up, and stay ready to build hope in families who need a strong foundation of decent, affordable housing. Above all, let us be there for one another during this difficult time. 

Thank you for all you bring to our mission, if you have any questions, please get in touch. See you soon!